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We will be adding unique workshops each month, so please check in often. Below are some of our previous workshops.

Previous Workshops

Synergy of Sound with Neil Cabral

Neil and Andrea Cabral, workshop presenters
Energize, restore and harmonize during this inspiring workshop! Join Neil and Andrea as they guide you through a sound healing meditation. They will be using gongs, drums, Tibetan and crystal bowls, Native American flutes and so much more. No experience necessary, just come dressed comfortably to easily go off into a blissful state. Bring a pillow and blanket for any extra comfort. You don’t want to miss this amazing experience!
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Synergy of Sound Workshop november 2nd
5 pm  – 7 pm



I Met Sarah in Nantucket the summer of 2017. She was there with her husband Alan to teach at the Nantucket Yoga Festival. I was overjoyed when I saw her walk by with her daughter because I knew she was Deepak Chopra’s personal yoga teacher! At the time I was working on getting my meditation certification at the Chopra Center. I told her about my dream to open a boutique meditation and yoga studio! I somehow got the courage up to ask her if she would come to my studio, when I opened it to do a workshop. She said YES!!! I was completely blown away!!! Two years later we have worked out all the details for her and Alan to teach at my very own boutique studio. Dreams really do come true!

Sarah Finger is the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, LLC and the private yoga teacher of Dr. Deepak Chopra.  She has shared the elevating tools of ISHTA to the yoga community worldwide through trainings, workshops, and retreats which she co-teaches with her husband, Yoga Master Alan Finger.  Sarah believes that the practice of yoga can be used as a microcosm of the reality we create for ourselves off the mat, and that a deeper awareness of our physical, mental, and emotional habits can both transform and empower us to connect to our most authentic self.

Sarah is a featured expert on Jiyo, a revolutionary new digital platform that brings health and wellness to online communities all over the world. She is the co-creator of “Finding Connection Through Yoga,” and “Radical Being,” two online courses in collaboration with Deepak Chopra. Her third course, “Chakras 101” with Alan Finger was launched in January, 2018. 

Sarah is a legacy ambassador for Lululemon, a Satya Jewelry Soul Sister, and a Zenfluencer for Rituals USA. Her values of self-empowerment and authenticity led her to join the Board of Directors for Exhale to Inhale, a non-profit organization that teaches yoga to survivors of domestic violence. Always a seeker, Sarah considers motherhood to be her greatest spiritual practice. Her daughter, Satya, inspires her to live a life based on love and unbound potential.


Alan Finger

Alan Finger is a yoga legend, who’s on his second honorary title. First Yogiraj (meaning “master”) and now, about 50 years into teaching, he’s acquired another that comes with passing on teachings to a new group of yogic masters: Kavi Yogiraj. The Early Years Finger’s father, Mani Finger, found yoga after hearing Yogananda speak on a trip to LA in 1951. When his father returned home to South Africa, he transformed their home into an ashram, where as a child, Finger lived among traveling swamis. (B.K.S. Iyengar was just one of the esteemed visitors.) In the late ’60s, Finger and his father developed ISHTA, which stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda. “The word ISHTA means ‘that which resonates with your spirit,’ and I like that because it’s the yoga that resonates with an individual—because we’re all different, our bodies, our energies, our minds,” he said, when we caught up with him last week. In 1975, politics in the country compelled him to pack up his mat and head to the U.S. His first studio was in Maryland, outside of DC, but he moved to LA after just nine months. “It started snowing, so I packed up, locked the door, and moved to California!” he says. There, Finger became a yogi to the stars, teaching James Taylor, Barbra Streisand, and Joni Mitchell, and on the sets of shows like Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy. But Finger got tired of catering to celebs and in 1987 founded YogaWorks with Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller. In the early ’90s, he decided to move to New York, and after selling his stake in YogaWorks, he founded Yoga Zone, which he ran while filming a TV show of the same name. The show aired in 64 million homes in the U.S., increasing Finger’s fame. “Wherever we go today, people still say ‘Oh my god! I started yoga with you in my living room!’” Finger says.

Sarah and Alan Finger Workshop Photo

 Quartz Crystal 

Join Cristal Gould for a 90 minute candle lit experience embracing sound, movement, and surrender.
Join Cristal Gould for a 90 minute candle lit experience embracing sound, movement, and surrender. Let the breath guide us into a slow rhythmic flow, warming up the body as the sounds of the Crystal bowls and earth tones stimulate the moving prana. Soften into the earth and restore in a deep savasana. Enjoy a sound journey featuring various healing instruments & binaural beats. Surrender. The vibrations create a deep meditation & sensational state of calm.

In ancient times crystals were used as a holistic healing tool to balance harmonies in the body –stabilize the flow of prana, stimulate the chakras, and to raise the kundalini energy. It’s radiant vibration attunes to human vibration better than any other gem or mineral and is used to amplify, clarify and store energy.

Sound and frequency affect every atom within our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The vibrations are used to align, balance and nourish us a whole. The # sharp notes are quite magical in that they are considered alchemy tones- not only do these bowls stimulate certain energy centers in the body but work deeper in activating, transmuting and moving energy throughout the organs, especially the glands.

The Quartz crystal singing pyramid has higher ascending tones. It is said that pyramid vibrations affect our auras, and it has been shown using Kirlian photography that the aura is brighter and larger after exposure to the pyramids, similar to mineral crystal. The quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions. Meshing sound with the powerful sacred geometry of the ancient pyramid structure one creates a powerful vortex for attunment.

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 Tapping Into 

When we are in alignment with our true self, our lives flow with ease and grace.

Do you have a deep desire to know you? To draw inward and really spend time basking in the beauty of your own presence?

Beyond our stories and attachments is us, the true us, the us that is everything we have been searching for. This us that came here with specific gifts to share with the rest of the world. We forget this and get stuck in the boxes that society has created, and we spend our days acting out a life that we think we should, when underneath it all, we have a deep knowing that we were meant for more.

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 your Life 

Elizabeth Cornetta’s Transformational Workshop


Master Manifester workshop​


Do you want to create the life of your dreams where every single day is a delight? Do you want to live in a state of appreciation and gratitude? Are you ready to tap into the JOY that is already within? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Master Manifester workshop is for you! I will teach you all of this and more! Join me for this three hour workshop that combines journaling, guided meditation,  and creating a vision board. You will discover all the tools to follow your BLISS!

 = JOY =
 = DELIGHT =  



Neil and Andrea will be teaching their Synergy of Sound Meditation!

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